Assessment Center & Our Services

What is an Assessment Center?
An Assessment Center is a means for measuring human potential by predicting future behavior through job related simulation exercises that measures a person's ability to handle future responsibilities. If required, this method is sometimes supplemented with psychometric tests and behavioral based interviews.

The PacRim-PCC Assessment Center method offers Clients the following features:

Job analysis: We help Clients identify the competencies required for success in the specified job/position.
Multiple assessment techniques: We use multiple assessments techniques - several of which are job related simulations to confirm competencies being measured.
Job-related simulations: We use exercises that closely simulate the business environment involving activities, decisions and interactions amongst, customers, suppliers and people within the organization.
Multiple assessors: Our trained assessors spend one or more days in a data integration discussion, sharing observations and reaching consensus on participant evaluations.
Behavioral recording: We apply structured observation and systematic recording procedures. This ensures only relevant behaviors are evaluated, not guesses about a participant's preference, opinion or intention.
Video taped: Participant's behaviors during interactions are recorded on videotape. This allows the application of structured observation and scoring procedures. Assessments are objective and legally defensible should any disputes arise.

Data Integration: Pooling of data is done after all exercises are completed. Results from different exercises are integrated using a state-of-the-art software tool. The final assessment is in the form of a written report detailing a person's strengths and development needs. An overall evaluation on potential for success in target job/position is provided.