PCC-PacRim Assessment Center (PPAC)

Would you hire someone into your national soccer team by simply getting him to fill out an hour test paper that will describe who they are, what they have done before and how much they know about soccer? Or would you prefer to put him through a series of performance tests where you can see how fit he is, how well he handles the ball and even better, observe him in a trial game and evaluate him based on what you see?

Similarly, how are you picking your leaders in your organisation? Are they picked based simply on their responses to a paper test or do you put them through a series of situations where they would need to manage, make decisions and exhibit all the behaviours desired of a capable leader?

Assessment Center is widely regarded as the most accurate process to help spot future talents and provide valuable developmental analysis. It is by far the most rigorous means to observe managerial competence under simulated conditions. It is like a kind of flight simulator to test drive your executives and managers without having them crash in real life. In this age of high and costly executive failures, assessment center has become even more widely used as the core of all talent management program. Since its inception in the 1970s, hundreds of thousands of companies, including many from the Fortune 500s and government agencies across the world has used assessment center successfully. Isn’t it time that you try it too?

Together with our strategic partner (PacRim Consultancy), we have established the first commercial assessment center (PPAC) in Bangkok in the beginning of this year. Manned by accredited assessors, administrators and role-players, PPAC is a purpose-build premise with state of the art assessment facilities and equipments. Build to meet all your assessment needs, the center is able to provide assessment with realistic simulations typical of your industry and conducted in English or local languages. Since its inception in March 2003, companies ranging from top local companies, MNCs and government related bodies have used the center and will continue to use it as part of their talent management and human capital strategy. Isn't it time for you to find out more? Click on Assessment Center and Our Services to find out more!