MoFit® -
Motivational Fit Assessment Software

In assessing the suitability of a candidate against a job position, the traditional approach has been focusing on the competencies that encompass skills, knowledge and behaviours. While assessment in such competencies focus on the Can Do attributes of a candidate, the Will Do aspect of the candidates is often ignored. Research has shown that a large proportion of voluntary turnover is a result of misfit between the candidate's motivation profile and the requirements in a job position. As such, in assessing the suitability of a candidate in a job position, it is important to consider the motivational fit. The MoFit® software application is an expert system designed to analyse the motivational profile of job position, assess candidates against the profile and provide reports on the suitability of the candidates. Highlights of the application include:

Library of 80 motivation factors subdivided into 50 job related motivation factors and 30 location/organisation related factors.
80 job motivation profile questions.
172 candidate motivation profile questions.
36 pre-analysed job categories to streamline the analysis process.
Reversed questions to catch analomies and interview questions for further probing.
Replicate existing analysed job motivation profile to streamline future analysis.
Provide comparison between candidate profile against job profile plus comparison between candidates to arrive at a ranked order list of best-fit candidate to the least fit candidate.
Internet and Intranet versions are available. Clients have a choice of buying the software through out-right purchase with unlimited licenses or pay-per-use ASP version. This allows job experts to provide data to a job analysis from virtually anywhere in the world and for candidate to be analysed from any remote location. This feature would allow candidates to be pre-analysed and short-listed even before they arrive. Interview questions available for further probing.
The MoFit® software can be integrated with the iSelect™ software to allow the motivation profile of a job to be imported into iSelect™.
Available in English, Chinese, Indonesian,Thai and Korean. Other languages available upon request.
All reports are in MS Excel format to facilitate flexibility in reporting format and further analysis work.

(PDF format, 175Kb)


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