Competency Testing recruitment and selection software

iSelect™ is a fully automated competency screening, selection and recruitment software supporting Behavioural Based Interview (BBI) and/or any competency based selection process. It has the following modules which are configurable:

Job posting – it can be attached to any company’s Career Opportunities web page.
Candidates can apply to more than one job simultaneously and answer to one set of questions and yet get tested against all the jobs he applied for.
User defined application form to screen out candidates based on knock-out criteria serving as an automatic filtering mechanism.
Competency Based Application form to screen out candidates based on minimum competencies knock-out criteria.
Internet based BBI (iBBI™) interviewing process to capture behavioural evidences from candidates.
Automated behavioural evidences processing and scoring capabilities. Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to evaluate applicants' narrative responses to behavioural evidences and automated scoring.
Competency Scoring System based on ranked priority of each competency (A recent improved scoring technique for BBI).
Motivational Fit (MoFit®) Testing.
iScorer™ or F2F interview module which allows integration of face-to-face interview scores by interviewers.
Simulation Scorer™ module which allows integration of simulation scores
Additional tests module facilitates integration of other test scores.
Overall scoring integrator that integrates scores from iBBI™, MoFit®, simulations or other user defined tests to arrive at a ranked order of all candidates from the most suitable to the least suitable.
Allows user defined weightages for different selection tools like iBBI™, MoFit®, simulation, etc.
Internet and Intranet versions available. Clients have a choice of buying the software through out-right purchase with unlimited licenses or pay-per-use ASP version. This allows respondents to provide data from virtually anywhere in the world.
iSelect™ can be integrated with the Competency Profiler™ software to allow the competency profile of a job to be imported into iSelect™.

Available in English. Other languages available upon request.

All reports are in MS Excel format to facilitate flexibility in reporting format and further analysis work.

The system is the first fully automated selection tool that scores and ranks candidates without the need for trained user intervention. Truly the first of its kind in the world that allows total flexibility and user configurability, yet maintaining state of the art selection methodological integrity.

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