In-Tray / Analysis Exercise support software

Seeing is believing! Are you convinced of the applicants’ proficiency by simply listening to what they say in an interview? Or would you prefer to evaluate by watching them in real-life situations to gauge their proficiency in behaviours desired?

Know the benefits of Assessment Centre and simulations but find the cost of assessors and time required to run the simulations too prohibitive?

iAssess™ is an ATM style simulation software designed to test competencies and behavioural proficiency via an automated In-Tray / Analysis Exercise which could be used in a selection process, promotion exercise, etc.

iAssess™ presents scenarios where candidates need to act and react, giving them a chance to demonstrate their capabilities. Hence, they are evaluated on what they do and not just what they say. This is critical as very often what a person say they would do may not necessarily be what they actually do when placed in a real situation.

Highlights of the application include:

“A Day in the Life Of” scenario, allowing applicants to get the feel of being placed in a real work environment where they receive tasks, emails, or documents in their In-Tray.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to evaluate applicants’ narrative responses on the tasks given;
Automatic computation of score for each competency or key behaviour by aggregating observation inputs and using rule based programming;
Open library structure to allow inclusion of scenarios that are specific to organisation;
All reports are in MS Excel® format to facilitate flexibility in reporting format and further analysis work;
Can be integrated into iSelect™ as one of the modules to be tested for selection.
Available in English. Other languages available upon request.

(PDF format, 321Kb)


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