Competency Profiler
Job analysis software

This is a competency profiling software used to identify competencies required by the organisations to support their various business vision, goals and objectives. While competitive pressure and changing business landscapes can force organisations to rethink their strategies and plans, most, if not all organisations assume that their workforce are highly adaptable and have all the necessary skills and competencies to fulfil these plans. This, of course, is simply untrue. The Competency Profiler™ helps to determine the competencies required by the organisation right down to each job position. It provides a list of competencies required in each job which are then used as recruitment and selection criteria, feedback indicators, performance barometer and training objectives. Highlights of the application include:

Library of the latest competencies comprising more than 80 competencies and 480 behavioural statements.
Open library structure to allow inclusion of client-specific competencies or future competencies.
36 pre-analysed job categories to streamline the analysis process.
Replicate existing analysed job profile to streamline future analysis.
Internet and Intranet versions are available. Clients have a choice of buying the software through out-right purchase with unlimited licenses or pay-per-use ASP version. This allows job experts to provide data to a job analysis from virtually anywhere in the world.
E-interview guide to allow collection of behavioural data from candidates prior to face to face interview.
The Competency Profiler™ software can be integrated with the iScorer™ software to allow the competency profile of a hob to be imported.
Available in English, Indonesian, Thai and Korean. Other languages available upon request.
All reports are in MS Excel format to facilitate flexibility in reporting format and further analysis work.

(PDF format, 192Kb)


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