Assessment Centre
Simulator for Organisation Talents

Would you hire someone to be a driver by simply interviewing him and testing his knowledge in traffic regulations? Would you pick the best cyclist from Tour de France to help you win in the next Formula One series based purely on his cycling experience and performance? I guess not. Yet many organisations are doing precisely this in their recruitment and selection approach, preferring to depend on tests that offer little or irrelevant insights to decide on the suitability and eligibility of applicants. Recent reality shows like The Apprentice, have inspired many organisations to incorporate realistic situational tests in their selection method – preferring to evaluate applicants by watching them in real-life situations. Such is the basic tenet of the Assessment Centre.

In this book, you will find everything you want to know about Assessment Centre and how it can help you enhance your organisational ability to spot the much needed human talents. Thousands of organisations and millions of people have realized their potentials through Assessment Centre – isn’t it time that you discover its prowess?

Available in English, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai.

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Price: Hardcover - S$33 plus 7% GST, Paperback – S$22 plus 7% GST

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