Assessment Scorer
Assessment Support Software

This software is a smart analyser, scorer and report writer used to support most human assessment and selection processes. Mostly used by organisations with competency based assessment centres or processes. The software increase the objectivity of the assessment process, guide assessors in rating tasks, speed up data integration amongst assessors and generate reports with the click of a button, thereby reducing the assessment turnaround time easily by 60%. The single most crucial element of any assessment centre is assessors’ objectivity. Without objectivity, the credibility of the assessment result is at stake. As such, great length is put into assessor training, constant accreditation and calibration to hone their observation and analysis skills. However, all assessors are human and occasional slip in analytical judgement can happen. As such, the Assessment Scorer was developed to improve scoring accuracy and assessment analysis. The software also helps in compiling reports, thereby saving a large amount of time. Highlights of the application includes:

Facilitate assessment scoring and analysis process for each simulation at competency and key behaviour level.
Automatically compute score for each competency or key behaviour by aggregating observation inputs from across simulations.
Additional simulations can be set up in the software easily by client users to be included in the scoring and analysis process
Users can freely configure the competencies and key behaviours to be scored in each type of simulation.
All reports are in MS Excel format to facilitate flexibility in reporting format and further analysis work.
Library of the latest competencies comprising more than 100 competencies and more than 600 behavioural statements
Open library structure to allow inclusion of client-specific competencies or future competencies
Internet/Intranet version. This allows assessors to work from virtually anywhere in the world.
Available in English and Thai. Other languages available upon request.


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