3-Sixty Profiler®
360 degree feedback tool / Multi-rater assessment software

This is a Performance management and feedback management software designed to help deliver real time information on employees' performance and skills gaps. This software allows organisations to seek inputs on an individual's performance from the people he works with. Besides his superior, feedback can also be sought from peers, subordinates and even the customer he deals with. The information collected constitutes a rich source of data for developmental planning. Information can also be collated for cohorts of individuals by management levels, groupings, departments, etc. Such organisation information provides a realistic manpower profile highlighting competency related strengths and exposures of the organisation. it can thus serve as a wonderful macro and micro manpower-planning tool. Highlights of the application include:

Library of the latest competencies comprising more than 80 competencies and 480 behavioural statements. Open library structure to allow inclusion of client-specific competencies or future competencies
36 pre-analysed job categories to streamline analysis process
Existing survey templates and wizard function allow easy creation of 360 surveys.
Surveys can be conducted at competency or behavioural level.
Supports anchored ratings for competencies ranging from level 1 to level 10.
Choice of 8 survey purpose and scale descriptions to fit all survey objectives. (E.g. Survey can be done as a performance feedback versus training needs analysis or for current job versus future job analysis.)
Adopting the latest, most reliable 10 points scale for 360 feedback. Clients who favour other types of rating scale have the option to edit the rating scale and choose from 3 point to 10 point scale.
Choice of two different reliability tests - Trimmed Mean or Reliability Index to improve quality of analysis results depending on needs. Built-in reliability screen of inputs fed by respondents. (When a certain respondent's input deviate from other respondents' inputs significantly, his input will be marked as unreliable and the administrator can choose to have his input omitted for analysis.)
Adopting the latest A-score calculation to reflect the level of agreement between respondents.
Flexibility to include or exclude Not Applicable response in the calculation
Option to include or exclude Qualitative Comments
Editable gap size allowing users to define the gap for strengths and development areas.
Individual reports providing friendly, tell-all 1 page executive summary, detailed rating reports at competency and key behaviour level, Developmental Guide and Development Map. The Development Guide prescribes development activities and development resources such as web pages, books, training courses and in-house resources for competencies that are identified as development areas. The Development Map classifies an individual's competencies under 4 different quadrants. it clearly indicates which area the individual should start and focus his development efforts based on the least effort, maximum impact principle.
Group reports intended for senior management including friendly, tell-all 1 page executive summary, group competency profile, group competency distribution curve showing strength inherent in the organisation and a group ranking report showing a ranked order list of staff targeted in the 360 survey, listing the most effective employee to the least effective one.
All reports are in MS Excel format to facilitate flexibility in reporting format and further analysis work.

The 3-Sixty Profiler® software can be integrated with the Competency Profiler™ software to allow the competency profile of a job to be imported into the 3-Sixty Profiler®.

Intranet and Internet versions available. Clients have a choice of buying the software through out-right purchase with unlimited licenses or pay-per-use ASP version. This allows respondents to provide data from virtually anywhere in the world.
Available in English, Indonesian, Thai and Korean. Other languages available upon request.

(PDF format, 196Kb)


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