Pacific Century Consulting's niche is combining human resource development (HRD) methods, human potential testing, assessment, quality assurance, human creativity and experience with Information Technology. We call this People Technology™. Through a suite of expert software applications which combine human resource development (HRD) and assessment centre methodology with Information Technology, Pacific Century Consulting helps client organisations achieve optimal performance by ensuring that the human assets they possess are maximally deployed, supported, motivated and challenged.

While most organisations would have business plans and strategies, very few have mechanisms to focus every staff to put those plans and strategies into operation. Even fewer companies have systems to ensure that the human capital within the organisation has the necessary motivation and competencies to work those plans and strategies to fruition. HR strategists have long realized the importance of aligning employee efforts with organisational strategies, integrating all HR systems and processes to support these strategies. Pacific Century Consulting's suite of People Technology™ software applications offers tools to enable such a strategic HR approach to be implemented easily.


Motivational Fit Assessment Software


  3 Sixty Profiler®
360 degree/ Multi-rater Feedback Assessment Software

Assessment Scorer™
Assessment Support Software


  Competency Profiler™
Job Analysis Software

In-Tray / Analysis Exercise support software


Competency Testing Recruitment and Selection Software
Team Assessment Software


  Assessment Centre
Simulator for Organisation Talents



(Still under development)