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Palani has a Master in Counselling from Monash University and a Bachelor in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. He is also a Certified Master Coach by Dr Suzanne Skiffington, one of the leaders of the management coaching field, and a member of the International Coaching Council.

Palani has more than 25 years of corporate coaching, consulting and training experience and expertise with local and Fortune 100 companies across the Asia Pacific region. His area of expertise include strategic planning, leadership development, talent management, change management for sustainability, engaging the workforce for enhanced performance, communications, team development, cohesiveness, functional training e.g. sales & marketing, organization development, recruitment and senior executive coaching for senior civil servants, GMs, CEOs and Business Owners.

Palani has been involved in psychology-based and socio-therapeutic interventions to enhance the human potential in business and change initiatives. He has also been involved in projects that focus on engaging the core of the person to facilitate value and goal alignment as well as those that augment motivation and commitment to maximise sustainable individual and team performance.

Palani was a Consulting Manager in Arthur Andersen. He was involved in Management & Operations consulting focusing on Change Management, Strategic, Business & Financial Planning, Marketing Planning and Implementation, Performance Measurement Systems, Cost Reduction, Human Resource Management and Organisation Re-engineering.

He was the Chief Executive Officer of a Regional Manufacturing Group of companies. He developed the company from a single plant with 14 machines and 50 people and sales of USD $5 million to a Regional Group with 2 plants & 1 marketing office in China, 1 plant in Malaysia and 1 plant in Singapore, with more than 140 machines and 450 people and sales of USD $20 million within a 5 year period. He was responsible for the profitability of the Group and, in particular, his primary responsibilities were business development and marketing for new business for both the Singapore and the regional manufacturing plants.

Recent government related 360 feedback coaching assignments taken were with the PS, DS and director of MICA.

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